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Plugin description

SoftGate Download Manager

version 1.2.10

  • Czech language returned to main version
  • temporary download functionality resuming
  • open/save file selection
  • button description texts revised
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SoftGate Download Manager

version 1.1.48

  • main plugin version
  • 1 executable installation package
  • Silverlight installation included
  • installer in English, application in English, Croatian, Hungarian and Ukrainian
  • Czech language removed (for limited time exclusively used in Nova Stahovák version)
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New version e-mail notices:

How Download Manager works and how should I use it correctly?

Just select a file to download and Download Manager automaticaly starts. The application core is indicated in system tray, once you click it you get menu to control the application.


Plug-in description


Using the buttons next to download progress indicator you can:

1) Start / continue download

2) Delete download indicator

3) Open file (run file)

4) Open folder with downloaded file


Options setting


Plug-in colors

Using this form you can configure colors applicaiton uses on Download History page and tune up the application visual look the way you want.


Specially processed addresses

Form to set sites to be differently processed, the sites that use special techniques to block download managers. This list is distributed with each version and user-defined list is replaced - we recommend to backup its content (sites.xml file) before new version installation.

Downloads from those sites are initiated differently - not to be evident the downloads come from download manager and thus not to be blocked. Once you find a site where download does not work correctly, please report it to support forum, we will examine the addres and potetially refresh this list.