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SoftGate Download Manager

version 1.2.10

  • Czech language returned to main version
  • temporary download functionality resuming
  • open/save file selection
  • button description texts revised
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SoftGate Download Manager

version 1.1.48

  • main plugin version
  • 1 executable installation package
  • Silverlight installation included
  • installer in English, application in English, Croatian, Hungarian and Ukrainian
  • Czech language removed (for limited time exclusively used in Nova Stahovák version)
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Installing plug-in in few steps

Download manager needs Silverlight and .Net Framework libraries to work correctly.

MS Silverlight is dedicated just for 32bit version of Internet Exploreru (not operating system, but browser version). For Internet Explorer 64bit are Silverlight libraries under development, so Download Manager does not work fully in this browser version.

1) In Download section select latest plug-in download. To save space the installation is packed to self-extraction executable.

2) Run the downloaded file.

3) You see the installation windows with initial application information. Continue with the Next button.

4) You get the license agreement windows, after reading and selecting "Agree" continue with the Next button.


5) The next windows allows you to simplify plugin usage. Using the plugin you need to run page with Silverlight content (Download History page), you can set up security setting already with the installation. If not set up you must confirm the dialoque each time you enter Download History page. We recommend to keep the setting checked. Continue with the Next button.


5) Choose where to install the application. Continue with the Next button.


6) Installation finished. Continue with the Next button.

7) Installation package contains Silverlight setup, that is launched at the end of setup process in case you do not have Silverlight already present.

8) After succesfull installation close the setup window. You have SoftGate Download Manager installed on you machine!