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About Us

SoftGate Download Manager

version 1.2.10

  • Czech language returned to main version
  • temporary download functionality resuming
  • open/save file selection
  • button description texts revised
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SoftGate Download Manager

version 1.1.48

  • main plugin version
  • 1 executable installation package
  • Silverlight installation included
  • installer in English, application in English, Croatian, Hungarian and Ukrainian
  • Czech language removed (for limited time exclusively used in Nova Stahovák version)
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SoftGate s.r.o.

SoftGate, s.r.o. is private company founded in April 2009. The company continues in business activities of its founder, Jiří Pašek, that started in 1998:


We focus on high value added services, that help our clients with information technologies usage and through IT solutions make the main company process (business) more effective. Our goal is to design/deliver the solution/service, that brings to our client significant improvement in:

  1. human labour savings,
  2. stock or cash-flow savings,
  3. shorter business transation,
  4. easier decision making,
  5. bringing new customers,
  6. building company image and its reception, etc.


Further information including project references can be found at SoftGate company webpage.